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After completing your payment, you will get your title in your name in just 60 days or less.

You shall be issued with a subdivision plan showing you the available plots and an offer letter indicating the preferred available plot for your action.

You can make payments to our Bank account numbers directly, through cheques (both personal and bankers), or mobile money to our bank accounts as provided in our offices.

You shall get a sale agreement with the terms as agreed between you and UPYA that shall be binding till the title is processed in your name.

We have site visits on Wednesdays and Saturdays free of charge. We can also arrange for special site visit days and times at your convenience with prior booking.


Yes, there are discounts given for cash payment (done within 30 days) and multiple purchases of plots. You can also enjoy random offers on promotions such as being among the first investors in a new project.

You get real-time access to your statements on all the properties you have bought with UPYA.

After completion of payment for a particular plot, you shall get a freehold title deed processed in your name.

You shall just need to provide a copy of your National ID, a copy of your KRA PIN Certificate, and 3 passport photos; you shall then sign two forms for the process to be initiated.

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